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Notice on Riyaadhul Huffadz

Absolution from Guilt & Warning

All praises be to Allah Who sent his Messenger with the guidance and the true religion, to expose him above the whole religion despite the hatred of the polytheists. The most complete and perfect prayers and blessings be upon our Prophet and our most beloved, Muhammad, abundant peace be upon him, his family, and companions.

I was surprised that it was published by Mr. Abdul Malik Muhammad Aman (known as Muhammad Maliki, a Singaporean Citizen) and it is the name that he uses for himself in Singaporean media. Maliki published news regarding myself, posting my picture in it – I do not know where he get it from – where he wrote in a non-Arabic newspaper mentioning that I am the Head and general Supervisor of collecting donations from people everywhere, and also that I am responsible for buying religious sacrificial animals (Qurban) on their behalf, and that I am to distribute the meat to the poor and needy. Maliki also listed fictitious and false prices. In fact the prices that he claims are all mere fabrication. He also implicated me with collection donations for the Muslims of Arakan Myanmar, and to distribute it to them, along with other false accusations which he meant to disgrace my name.

Maliki had indeed met me about a month ago, in the beginning of the month of Syawwal 1433H at Al-Abbas Mosque, at Taif. He came to me claiming that he loves me very much as a brother and wanted to meet me because of that. He asked me to agree to his request of collecting the donations as mentioned above. However no agreement between me and him was concluded regarding what he has published in Singapore media. I therefore bear no responsibility of what he published as mentioned above.

I hope that this information be published in all newspapers that has published the abovementioned matter, and that I am absolved of all that. I take Allah as my witness to what I said, for He is the best witness. And peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and all his family and companions.

Dr. Muhammad Ayyub Muhammad Yusuf Umar
(signed & dated 11/11/1433H)
Associate Professor at Islamic University of Madinah Munawwarah

Translated on 22/10/2012

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