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Conditions for Salafi Da'ie according to SPUBS

Conditions for a Salafi Da‘ie

All praise is due to Allaah Lord of the worlds and may the peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad his family and companions.

To proceed: We, some of the students in al-Madeenah an-Nabawiyyah would like to thank our brothers from al-Maktabah as-Salafeeyah (SP) for signing the Bayaan (below) which Shaykh Muhammad ibn Haadee Al Madkhalee wrote and we ask that Allaah Jalla wa 'Alaa guides us and them to that which is good and that he grants us beneficial knowledge, righteous actions and firmness upon the Sunnah.

And may Allaah send the peace upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions. 

[Signed by:]

Ismaa’eel bin Yusuf, Suhail Ahmad, Ayman bin Dawood Fox, 'Abdur-Raoof Muhammad and 'Abdur-Rahmaan bin Yusuf.

[Tuesday 30th Rabee' ath-Thaanee 1426 - corresponding to - 7th June 2005]

[Also signed by:]

Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee Al-Madkhalee - 30/4/1426;

Shaykh 'Abdullah Al-Bukhaaree - 30/4/1426;

Note: The Arabic text below contains the signatures of the aforementioned Shaykhs. Bayaan from Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee al-Madkhalee regarding the Brothers at SP

In the Name of Allaah Most Gracious Most Merciful

All Praise is for Allaah Lord of the Worlds, and may honour and peace be upon the Noblest of the Prophets and Messengers, our Prophet Muhammad, and upon all his Family and Companions.

The respected brothers at SP in the city of Birmingham, Britain, visited me and we discussed a number of matters
concerning the Salafi Da’wah in general, and its affairs in the West in particular. What I discussed with them in this regard was also discussed, or some of it was discussed, with them by other sheikhs. Based on this advice and discussion with the brothers, namely:

Brother Abu Khadeejah Abd Al-Wahid;

Brother Hasan Al-Somali;

Brother Bilal Abu Hakeem

I say, (based on the advice given) the following matters were agreed upon:

[1] Fighting extremism (Al-Ghuluw) in all its forms, whether in the form of extremism for personalities or others like da’wah institutions, and that matters must be weighed according to the Islamic legal scales.

Concerning teaching and lecturing, we say: It is not permitted for anyone to put themselves forward to teach and deliver lectures until they become qualified in their knowledge and until the required legitimate authorization is issued to them, either from Islamic universities or known sheikhs under whom they have studied and become qualified in Islamic sciences.

Concerning edicts and rulings (fatwa): The brothers are not permitted to issue rulings to people because they are not from the qualified people of fatwa. It is upon them to refer the fatwa to the scholars amongst the sheikhs so that they can give them verdicts and then the brothers can circulate these fatawa or send them to the people concerned if the fatwa is private.

Concerning the translation of lessons, books or lectures: It is upon them to maintain precision, honesty and responsibility in this regard.

[5] The brothers are not considered teachers who (themselves) are fulfilling the duty of education when they read the books of the scholars in which the latter have explained some (religious) texts; rather they are only conveying and translating the words of the scholars in explanation of these books.

Concerning what brother Bilal Abu Hakeem wrote on the topic of Al-Jarh wa Al-Ta’deel and which was circulated on the Salafi Talk website: It has been made clear to him that what he wrote was a clear error and in contradiction to what the hadith scholars, who are the real ‘People of Al-Jarh wa Al-Ta’deel’, are upon; not as the claimants and foreigners to this noble science say. When this became clear to him he admitted his error in this regard – Allaah reward him well – and this is the duty of all of us when our mistakes become clear to us. Thereafter he was made to understand that he must clarify his mistake and circulate his retraction.

Concerning being gentle with people when giving da’wah and teaching: It is upon the brothers to adhere to this way because ‘gentleness is not placed in anything except that it beautifies it and gentleness is not removed from anything except that it spoils it’ as the Messenger – sall Allaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam – said in the authentic narration.

Concerning the issue of boycotting and abandoning others (Al-Hajr): It is incumbent to refer to the scholars on this issue and to present any issues of this nature to them; they then will give the ruling as regards who deserves to be boycotted and who does not.

Concerning cooperation with their Salafi brothers: We instruct (the brothers at SP) to cooperate with them. I have told them to do this on numerous occasions in a number of our meetings; it is upon the brothers to follow their words with actions ‘for indeed a person’s actions confirm his words or refute them.’

[10] In closing, we advise them with Allaah’s instruction to us all, as it was His instruction to those who came before us, that being: the instruction to fear Allaah jalla wa ‘azz, and to be conscious of Him privately and publicly, outwardly and inwardly. We say to them, “Know that Allaah comes between a man and his heart”, and no subtlety is hidden from Him, glorified be He.

One of the clearest signs of this consciousness of Allaah and fearing him is that their call to the people should be sincerely and purely for Allaah jalla wa ‘allaa, its goal being to guide people to the truth – not to themselves. So their goal should not be to dominate others or to gain leadership over them, as was stated by Shaykh Al-Islam Muhaamd b. Abd Al-Wahhab – Allaah have mercy on him – in commentary of the statement of Allaah Most High, “I call to Allaah upon knowledge and insight.” Shaykh Al-Islam Ibn Abd Al-Wahhab said, “This verse points out that a person should maintain ikhlas (sincerity and purity of intention), for although many people involve themselves in da’wah, they only do so calling to themselves,” or words to that effect.

May Allaah honour and send peace and blessings upon His most devout worshipper and Messenger, our Prophet Muhammad, and upon his Family and Companions and all those who follow them be_ihsan , wa al hamdulillah Rabi al a'alameen.

Written by:

Muhammad b. Hadi Al-Madkhali

29 / 2 / 1426


Abu Khadeejah Abd Al-Wahid;

Abu Talhah Dawood Burbank;

Amjad Rafiq;

Yusuf Bowers;

Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis;

Hasan Somali.
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