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Manner of Performing Dzikir after Solah (7)

Notes on "Lessons on Congregational Solah" for Wednesdays @ Salsabil after Isya'

Next, we cite here a narration from the Companion, Ibn Mas‘oud.

‘Amru bin Yahya bin ‘Amru bin Salamah al-Hamdani narrated from his father and his father narrated it form his father (the grandfather of ‘Amru): 

Once, we were sitting by the door outside the house of ‘AbdulLah bin Mas‘ud, before the Ghadah[1] (Fajr) Prayer, such that when he goes out of his house, we will go together with him to the masjid. Then, Abu Musa al-Asy‘ariy came asking us: {Has Abu ‘Abdir Rahman (i.e.  Ibn Mas‘ud) leave his house yet?}. We replied: Not yet.
So he sat with us waiting for him (Ibn Mas‘ud) to come out. When he (Ibn Mas‘ud) actually came out, we all rose and immediately, Abu Musa said to him: {O’ Aba ‘Abdir Rahman!  I saw in the masjid just now, a thing which I disapprove and yet it is meant good, walhamdulillah.}

Ibn Mas‘ud asked: {What was it?} Abu Musa said: {If you go there, you will see it yourself. I saw in the masjid, a group of people, sitting in circles, waiting for the Prayer time. In each circle, is a leader and in their hands, they have something that they use for counting. The leader would say: Say the Takbier 100 times, then all of them will start to say and count the Takbier 100 times. He would then say: Say the Tahliel 100 times, so they say it 100 times and he would say: Do the Tasbieh 100 times and all of them will say it 100times.}

Ibn Mas‘ud then asked: {What did you say to them?} Abu Musa answered: {I did not say anything to them yet, as I seek your opinion}
 Ibn Mas‘ud responded saying: {Why didn’t you ask them to count their sins/wrongdoings instead and assure them that this act of worship of theirs will not be worthless?}

Then he walked to the masjid with us until he came face to face with one of the circles and stopped them by saying: {What is the thing that I see you all doing?} They replied: O’ Aba ‘Abdir Rahman, we are just counting takbier, tahliel and tasbieh with this thing in our hands.

So Ibn Mas‘ud said to them: {Count your sins and bad deeds since I will be the one who guarantees that this act of worship of yours  will not be worthless! How despicable you have become O’ the nation of Muhammad! How fast you all fall to destruction! They, the Companions of your Prophet shallallahu 'alayhi wasallam, many of them are still around you, the garment that the Prophet shallallahu 'alayhi wasallam left is not soiled yet, his container has not broken yet, and by Him whose in His Hand is my soul, you are on a better religion from the religion of Muhammad or you are merely opening a door of deviation?!}

[1] Ghadah: is the timeframe between the arrival of Fajar until sunrise – Mu‘jam Lughat al-Fuqaha’: pg. 328 – I’ve to explain this because some others translated it as “Zohr”. It’s significance, that is, Fajr Prayer instead of Zohr, it shows how diligent they were in worship.
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