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Another Lie of as-Saqqaaf against Ibn Taimiyah by quoting an-Nawawi

Bismillaah, walhamdulillaah was solaatu was salaam 'alaa Rasuulillaah wa ba'd,

After previously quoting the words of Imâm an-Nawawî concerning the kufr (disbelief) of one who ascribes to Allâh a jism (body), Hasan as-Saqqâf - apparently quoting the words of Ibn Taymiyyah - said in his footnotes to Daf’ Shubah at-Tashbîh (pp.245-246):

“Entering into this category is al-Harrânî (Ibn Taymiyyah) ... who has affirmed tajsîm (Allâh having a jism) in many of his books. So from this is his saying in at-Ta’sîs (1/101): “And there is not in the Book of Allâh, nor in the Sunnah of His Messenger, nor a statement from any one of the Salaf of this Ummah and its Imâms that He is not a jism (body), and that His Attributes are not bodily, consisting of organs ... ” I say: By Allâh who originated the heavens and the earth - your saying is ignorance and misguidance. Is not Allâh - the Most High’s -- saying: “There is no likeness unto Him.” [Sûrah ash-Shûrâ 42:11] sufficient in negating tajsîm and its reality, O al-Harrânî?!! And what about the Imâms of the Ummah and the Salaf - O al-Harrânî - and their censure of tashbîh ... ”

And this is from one of as-Saqqâf’s many deceptions - so beware!

Shaykh Mashûr ibn Hasan - hafidhahallâh - said: [1]

These words are from one who does not know what fairness is, who acts haphazardly in his rulings, and who falsely accuses the Scholars of wickedness. This becomes apparent in a number of ways:-

From them: That the previously mentioned words are not from the writings of Ibn Taymiyyah in which he is clarifying his own views, or even stating them rather, he is quoting the saying of the people of kalâm (innovated spîch and rhetoric). However, as-Saqqâf has conveniently omitted the beginning of the quotation from Shaykhul-Islâm Ibn Taymiyyah, where he clearly stated: Qâlû (they say)!!

From them: That as-Saqqâf overlooks the words of Shaykhul-Islâm Ibn Taymiyyah - rahimuhallâh - concerning the overall use of this term in reference to Allâh - the Mighty and Majestic - and he halted where he halted upon knowledge. However, justice is very rare - and there is no power or movement except with Allâh.

Shaykhul-Islâm said, in the course of this topic:
“Indeed, the term al-jism (body), al-’arad (organs), al-mutuhayyiz (extent) and their like, are all newly- nvented terminologies. We have mentioned many a time before, that the Salaf and the Imâms have not spoken about such things - neither by way of negation, nor by way of affirmation. Rather, they declared those who spoke about such matters to be innovators, and went to great lengths to censure them.”

This is what has been repeatedly affirmed by Shaykhul-Islâm - rahimahullâh - in many of his books, such as: Sharh Hadîthin-Nuzûl (pp.69-76), Majmû’al-Fatâwâ (3/306-310, 13/304-305), Minhâj us-Sunnah an-Nabawiyyah (2/134-135, 192, 198-200, 567). Indeed in Sharh Hadîthin-Nuzûl (p.71) - Shaykhul-Islâm has labelled ascribing Allâh with the term jism as being:
“An innovation in the Sharî’ah, a corruption of the language and a contradiction to the [sound] intellect. Rather, it is repudiated by the Sharî’ah, the language and the [sound] intellect.”

And from them: That Shaykhul-Islâm mentions the intended meaning of ascribing Allâh with the term jism, by saying:
“Whosoever alleges that the Lord is composite - with the meaning that he accepts division, separation and partition (for Allâh) - then he is the most disbelieving of people and the most ignorant. Indeed, his statement is more evil than the one who says that Allâh has a son - with the meaning that a part of Him split and thus became His son.”
Wallahu a'lam.


[1] From al-Asâlah Magazine (no.4 pp.64-55)

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