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Useful Points from Purification (Tamaam al-Minnah)

continuation from: purity of alcohol opinion of some great scholars - Tamaam al-Minnah

Under the topic of “Useful Points that are greatly needed” [pg. 15 – PDF pg 40]

His saying on point no: 5 [pg. 16; paragraph: 3; – PDF pg 41]

My comment: The proof/daleel for this amount (of impurites) as understood from his words, is the hadeets of Abu Sa‘ied al-Khudriy who narrated:
“Once, when the Prophet was praying with his Companions, he suddenly took off his shoes/sandals and placed them to his left. When the people saw that, they quickly removed their footwear. 
When the Messenger of Allah completed his prayer, he said to them: What caused you all to remove your shoes/sandals? 
They replied: We saw you took off yours, so we did the same. 
Then the Messenger of Allah said: Indeed, Jibriel (the Angel, Gabriel) came to me and informed me that there is some impurities on them (the shoes/sandals). So everytime when anyone of you comes to the masjid, let him take a look, if he sees any impurities on his shoes/sandals or filth, he should rub it (against the soil/ground) and then pray wearing them.”
Narrated by Abu Dawud, Ahmad and others with a Sahih Sanad and it’s Takhreej is provided in al-Irwaa’: 284 and the author did quote it, a few chapters back before this, without any remark.

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