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Going to the Bathroom - One Should Not Use a Hole in the Ground (1) (Tamaam al-Minnah)

His statement on point no: 7
[pg. 18; paragraph: 3 : ”One should not use a hole in the ground”; – PDF pg 43 (Arabic pg 23)]

My comment: This hadeets is Da‘ief  i.e. weak. 

Its classification as Sahih classified by some is out of their leniency/complacency or mistake, because it has an ‘Illah or weakness which prevents it to be graded as Sahih and it is the ‘an‘anah (an ambiguity or being equivocal in narrating) of Qataadah and he was classed as a Mudallis (one who commits misrepresentation of chain of narrators) and al-Hafiz Burhaanuddeen al-Halabi listed him under “al-Mudallisien – those guilty of deliberately misrepresent chains of narration” in his “at-Tabyien li Asmaa’ al-Mudallisien” commenting on him: “ إنه مشهور بالتدليس – he is notorious for making tadlies” and likewise al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar in “Tabaqaat al-Mudallisien” and he added: “an-Nasaa-i and others described him with it

al-Hafilisted him under the “Third Category –المرتبة الثالثة ” (of narrators in Taqrieb at-Tahdzieb – translator) the category which he specified this type of narrators as he explained in his Introduction(المقدمة):
“Those who made a lot of misrepresentation (التدليس), such that they (their narrations) were not accepted by the scholars of hadeets, except when in a particular narration they unequivocally say they heard directly, and some of the scholars rejected their narrations totally unconditionally and some accepted them

This is so when it is proven that Qataadah personally heard directly from Ibn Sarjis in general and ‘Aliy ibn al-Madienie justified it but others negated it, and al-Hakim said in “Ma‘rifah ‘Uloom al-Hadeets” pg 111:
“Let it be known to a scholar of hadeets that al-Hasan never heard (personally, directly) from Abi Hurairah…and that Qataadah never heard from any of the Companions except from Anas”.

Therefore, the hadeets is classified “Munqati‘ – a broken chain type of narration thus weak - translator” according al-Hakim’s principle, yet he included it in his al-Mustadrak and even classified it as Sahih, as if he overlooked the factor of weakness of this hadeets and this is the reason for Ibn at-Turkumaani to classify it as weak, as he said in “al-Jawhar an-Naqiy”:
“I say: Ibn Abie Haatim narrated from Harb bin Ismaa‘iel from Ibn Hambal said: I do not know of Qataadah’s narration from the Companions/Sahabah of the Messenger except from Anas. It was said to him: What about Ibn Sarjis? As if implying that he (Ahmad Ibn Hambal) did not take it, that it is personally and directly narrated from him (meaning, Imam Ahmad treated Qataadah’s narration from Ibn Sarjis, as a narration which Qataadah did not hear it directly and personally from Ibn Sarjis - translator).” 

[asy-Syeikh al-Albaaniy indicated a footnote for this, saying: Attention: this hadeets (hadeets of Abu Sa‘ied – not to urinate into a hole – translator) is included in “Sahih Targhieb wa Tarhieb” no: 150, by mistake and is moved to “Da‘ief Targhieb wa Tarhieb” and it is also included in “Da‘ief Sunan Anie Dawud” no: 6 and “Irwa’ al-Ghaliel”: 1/93/55].

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