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The Three Categories of Tawhied - al-Hafiz Ibn Mandah (died 395H)

As we have understood, from the teachings of Salafussolih, our pious predecessors, among them al-Qadi AbuYusuf (d: 182H), Ibn Battah al-‘Ukbariy (d: 387H), al-Hafiz Ibn Mandah (d: 395H) and others, at-Tawhied is classified into 3 categories; ar-Rububiyah, al-Uluhiyah and al-Asma’ wa as-Sifat.

This article is a clear refutation against the false claims that Ibn Taimiyah (died: 728H) was the first person to introduce this categorization of at-Tawheed and it is not from the teachings of Salafussolih.

Statements made by Pious Predecessor Scholars (a-immat as-Salaf) - Ibn Mandah

al-Imam al-Hafiz Abi ‘Abdillah Muhammad bin Is-haq bin Yahya Ibn Mandah (died: 395H) in his book “Kitab at-Tauhied wa Ma‘rifati Asma-illaah ‘Azza wa Jalla wa Sifaatihi ‘ala al-Ittifaq wa at-Tafarrud”– The Book of Tawhied and Knowing the Names of Allah the Exalted and His Attributes….

“كتاب التوحيد و معرفة أسماء الله و صفاته...”

He listed the content of his book as follows: (without order/sequence - related to Rububiyah)

“ذِكْرُ ما وصف الله عز و جل به نفسه و دل على وحدانيته...”

”ذكر ما يستدل به أولوا الألباب من الآيات الواضحة التي جعلها الله دليلا لعباده من خلقه على معرفته وحدانيته من انتظام صنعته و بدائع حكمته في خلق السماوات و الأرض

The mentioning of what Allah attributed to His Divine Being and it simultaneously provides evidences to His Oneness”.

The mentioning of what the Wisemen use as evidences of Clear Signs, that these clear signs are being cited by Allah as a proof for His servants in order for them to know Him, that He is the Sole

Creator as evidently clear from His perfectly organised Creations and incomparable Wisdom in the Creation of the Skies and the Earth

From the content of his book : (in conjunction with Uluhiyah)

“ذِكْرُ معرفة أسماء الله عز و جل الحسنة التي تسمى بها و أظهرها لعباده للمعرفة و الدعاء و الذكر...”

The mentioning of the knowledge with regards to Allah’s Good Names, the Most Glorified and Exalted, attributed to Him and He presented them (these Names to His servants) for them to know Him, supplicate to Him and do remembrance of Him.

From the content of his book : (related to Asma’ wa Sifat)

“ذِكْرُ معرفة صفات الله عز و جل التي وصف بها نفسه و أنزل بها كتابه و أخبر بها الرسول على سبيل الوصف لربه عز و جل مبينا ذلك لأمته”

The mentioning of the knowledge with regards to Allah’s Attributes, He attributed to Himself and He revealed them in His Book and attributed to Him by the Messenger in a descriptive manner to his people (ummah).

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